Mushrooms of Nova Scotia

Last updated Sep 30 2020

On special occasions my mother would bring out the jar of pickled mushrooms we had received from my grand parents back in Poland. These mushrooms did not appeal to me until later in life, but what did appeal to me at the time were the stories of grandma and grandpa hunting mushrooms in the wet forests around Warsaw.

Being able to discover and forage edible food from the wild intrigued my young mind! It was not until my adulthood that I began to appreciate this fungus for its taste, health benefits, and ability to make us rethink how we eat.

Now as an adult, I start a journey in understanding the mushrooms around me here in Nova Scotia and how I can introduce those from the wild, and from local growers, to my family. Consider this page my digital space for all things I will learn and discover about mushrooms in Nova Scotia.

Mushrooms I've found

Below are my attempts at identifying what I've found so far. I am not an expert! I do this to learn more, so please, if you are reading this, read a proper field guide -- and better yet, correct me if you know I am wrong :)

Connopus acervatus

A funky cluster Closer up

Up top

And I believe these are the same species, but still learning!

Not sure if the same