weeknotes WK2

Last updated Jul 15 2022

Streaks continued

As mentioned last week, I downloaded Streaks for iOS in order to get myself into new habits. These notes and Duolingo specifically.

Duolingo was hit and miss. I streaked for 5 days only to miss a day, then got back, and then missed another day. I've been allotting the evening for Duolingo time, and I believe that's most appropriate based on my schedule, but the kids can be exhausting (our youngest decided to have some bad nights after a few very good weeks of sleep)

At least I am here for week two :)

Go reflection and custom marshalling

As a follow up to last weeks thinking, the solution I ended up was quite similar to what was described. However, I ended up using a dependency! Turns out much of what I was attempting to accomplish, which can be summarized by converting an arbitrary any struct to map[string]interface{} in order to further massage the data is handled by github.com/fatih/structs.

Fatih is well known in the Go community, and although this project is read-only, it is stable, well tested, and does more extensively what I was already doing with reflect.

Mildly validating to see that others faced such a problem and built tooling to support it. The library handles the custom struct tag issue as well, which is great!