weeknotes WK3

Last updated Jul 22 2022


This week has been tough for extracurricular activity. Wife departed for a work offsite and thus, I've been parenting solo all week. The result has been days focused on keeping the house together and the day job. The minimal downtime I had in the evening was used to watch some TV, in this case Yellowjackets. It's been a surprising ride through mystery and supernatural.

There is fun to be had in solo parenting (for short bursts of time). We've changed it up each day, went out for ice cream during the week, and had some fun mornings & evenings. Keeping it simple.

As a reminder, it takes a village to parent successfully. Build yours (if you weren't born into one :-))


At work, I spent some of my time this week wrapping my head around how we should implement tracing in one of our applications, with the goal of expanding that surface area to further integrations & applications as they come online.

I found O'Reilly's Distributed Tracing in Practice to be a great introduction and way to develop a fundamental understanding.

As with most things in the instrumentation space, the way to approach your particular problem is more art than science, with a heavy lean to the context of your use case.


Next week I'll be in New York city for my own work offsite. I expect to eat great food, run through some interesting neighbourhoods, and spend some quality time with my coworkers (who I work with remotely)