weeknotes WK4

Last updated Aug 06 2022

I skipped a week of notes! My attempt to form a habit is already slipping. However, I had a good excuse: New York city :-)

Spent the week prior in Manhattan with coworkers for an offsite. Met a good chunk of the team for the first time (in person), ate some really good food, and got to walk the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Summer Hours

Between juggling a busy time at work, I am also enjoying the heck out of summer. Somehow we are making it work, and it's mostly because our weekends are spent outdoors, generally on a beach. I would say it's exhausting but I struggle to use that word for something that genuinely brings me joy (my kids enjoying the sun, and well, me too)


Not much else to say this week. Lots of work and play.