weeknotes WK7

Last updated Aug 26 2022


Summer is winding down and we're fitting in the last visits to the camp ground. We've kept it simple this year, exclusively camping at Dollar Lake, Nova Scotia. Our final visit for the summer was of the perfect vibe. Evening winding down, kids returning from the beach. Running between camp grounds, sharing toys and ideas for play. Moms handing out glow sticks and sparklers. Great way to cap off another great camping trip.

I have a list from a friend for future, as the youngest one gets to an age that's easier to camp with. The list:

Bike Map

Through a Twitter thread, a few of us spawned the idea of a bike parking map. This maps aims to be a detailed view of bike parking facilities across Halifax (and beyond). The detail is street level with labelling of bike racks into particular classifications (e.g. Ring, U Ring, Corral, etc)

The goal is for everyone here to have clarity as to how, and if, they can safely lock up their bicycle.

I made a repository in which I sync the map here. The map itself is on Felt.com

I've always had an interest in civic engagement but never pursued, so this is my first (small) attempt at such. Let's see what I learn!